Join us for our fun-filled before and after school care programs for students from other elementary schools in our community. Children learn French and get homework help daily, and can also participate in Cooking classes,Pilates/Yoga, Zumba, Art and Outdoor fun & games. All in one place, for one low monthly fee! Register today by requesting our before and after school program sheet and contacting us.

In small classrooms never exceeding sixteen students, we will nurture and support each child holistically based on their own needs and untapped potential. From 18-month-old toddlers to preschool children and in early elementary, preschool students in each age group at Emerson Academy will benefit from the best of both worlds -- an enriched Montessori and French Immersion curriculum that includes:

  • Daily character education
  • Daily physical education via an age-appropriate health, wellness and sports program
  • Weekly culture, community, science, technology, music and art classes
  • The opportunity to participate in diverse extra-curricular activities that further develop a child’s development, talents and personal interests
"Scholarship is to be created not by compulsion, but by awakening a pure interest in knowledge."

- R. W. Emerson


Our early years computers and technology curriculum is heavily guided by the progressive yet age-appropriate recommendations of the world’s largest organization working on behalf of young children, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

We incorporate the use of computers and technology into our curriculum as a means of complimenting academic and extra-curricular activities and accounting for differences in learning style. Today’s children are growing up in a very technologically advanced society and demonstrate early on a great aptitude and affinity for using technology – at Emerson Academy we embrace this potential as we do all other aspects of the child, and encourage them to safely and responsibly explore digital technologies such as interactive media, digital cameras, video, ebooks and desktop/tablet/laptop computers as one more outlet for them to develop and demonstrate their creativity and learning.

Download our Technology for Today's Toddlers and Beyond parent and educator info sheet for more details on how we are embracing technology, and using it to give your child an enriched learning experience - we're not playing!


While many public schools have been forced to reduce the availability of dedicated music and dance programs, we feel that a comprehensive education program must include music instruction as an important component of raising a happy and well-rounded child. In addition to being a fun and uninhibited way for your child to express himself or herself creatively (which in turn builds self-confidence and a strong sense of self), researchers have found that children who participate in music education also perform better academically. Learning songs supports a child’s language development and can also sharpen his/her memory capacity in other subjects.

Music and dance also give children an opportunity to use many different skills at the same time: manipulate their fingers to make sounds, listen to other instruments around them, harmonize vocally and coordinate small and large muscles to move to the rhythm. Emerson Academy students play and work to a variety of types of music in the classroom every day, and are welcome to participate in the afterschool Zumba® group we are developing as well. 


The Best  of Both  Worlds