The Best  of Both  Worlds

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.".

- R. W. Emerson


At Emerson Academy, excellence in education is demonstrated daily - at any given moment, our young students may be found conversing in two or three languages, multiplying 4-digit numbers, baking and delivering meals to the elderly, or outdoors recreating the solar system using giant snowballs.


All of us at Emerson Academy take pride in differentiating ourselves from any and all other schools and childcare centres in the GTA by offering the following value-added programs and services:

¬ We are the only fully Bilingual Montessori Preschool with Private French Immersion Education for elementary-aged students in the Durham region. We offer French Immersion education in a natural, engaging manner throughout the entire day, beginning at 18 months of age.

¬ The Bilingual Summer Camp program at Emerson Academy provides an opportunity for new parents and children to “test the waters” of French Immersion in an informal way, and for existing students to continue to strengthen their new language skills while participating in fun, themed, weekly indoor and outdoor activities. Here, our summer staff will ensure that the children are enjoying this immersion experience and taking from it everything they need in order to thrive as future Emerson Academy students.

¬ We offer competitive tuition rates with no “surprise” out of pocket fees – before and afterschool care fees are included in tuition, as are excursion fees and supplies/materials. Flexible payment options are available, and one complimentary uniform will be provided to families who submit payment for the full academic year by August 31st OR who referred a newly registered Emerson Academy student.

¬ Our Commitment to Excellence is anchored in our desire to nurture children in a manner that gives them strong minds, strong characters, and strong bodies. With emphasis on encouraging play while developing healthy habits and age-appropriate sports skills, all of our students benefit from 60-90 minutes of physical activity daily.

Genuine open-door policy – parents are welcome to visit, communicate daily with teachers via progress booklets, or to set appointments to visit in person at any point during the school year with teachers or the Head of School. We encourage you to assist in shaping your child’s education and extra-curricular experience at Emerson, and invite you to participate in school events wherever possible.

One minute magic
delight in your child's moments of brilliance and happiness throughout the school year! Every classroom is equipped with a digital camera and teachers are happy to capture your children in the moment so that they can then share that magic with you almost immediately.

Our Community and Character-building focus produces well-rounded achievers who are also altruistic and philanthropic leaders in their communities and beyond.

 ¬ Education Au Plein Airakin to elite private schools the world over, the warm weather months are embraced at Emerson Academy as opportunities to bring lessons outdoors and foster yours love and respect for nature. Wherever possible, music, science, character education, storytime, and independent work periods are not confined to the classroom; they are instead enjoyed under a shady tree, at a picnic table, or in a community garden.